Having a telephone has become a requirement in our fast-paced society, whether it is for you to locate a job or for an agency to be able to contact you. Although landlines (wired) are common, more people are only using wireless phones for numbers of reasons – including portability. In your quest to get started we recommend you consider a wireless phone with just voice and texting services.

SafeLink Wireless® is a Lifeline supported service, a government benefit program. Only eligible consumers may enroll in Lifeline. Where to apply.

Lifeline service is non-transferable and limited to one per household. Remember there is no activation fee, no contract, no fees. Documentation of income or program participation may be required for enrollment (i.e., enrolled as a food stamp recipient, Medicaid, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance and Section 8, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program –LIHEAP, TANF, or a “No Income Letter” from IRS by contacting (866) 562-5227 or visit 1285 Carmichael Way, Montgomery, AL 36106).

(Benefits may vary per area.)

  1. 350 free monthly minutes
  2. Free Smartphone (WiFi & Data Compatible)
  3. 500MB/month of free data for internet usage
  4. Unlimited texts every month
  5. Voicemail/caller ID/3-way calling
  6. Free 911
  7. 411 directory assistance at no additional cost
  8. Nationwide coverage on America’s Best Networks

Other PrePaid Wireless

There are numerous prepaid plans available, TracPhone is a good example. Walmart and similar department stores sell a basic flip phone and minute refill cards. This means you don’t have to have a bank account or credit card to have this phone and plan. If you are careful with your usage, your cost can be less than $10 per month.