Most Lack the Funds to Restart Life

According to the Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) Inmate Handbook upon the release of an ex-offender, they are given at least a bus ticket back to the county or city that they were sentenced from and $10 for travel incidentals. (1975 Code of Alabama, Section 14-10-1 and 14-10-2)

Many Lack Adequate Shelter

Many ex-offenders are released with a fake home plan. So, they become homeless and have no consistent source of shelter. The reason why this is so is because many can’t return to their parents’ or spouse’s home for a variety of reasons, to include: a) the conditions of their probation or release prohibits them from doing so, b) the parents or spouse are no longer living, c) the family does not want them to return, and so on.

Historical Release Data

Montgomery, AL is ranked #4 of the top ten areas that contribute to the total admissions to ADOC each year. On the average between CY2012 and CY2016, Montgomery, AL was responsible for 4.25 percent of total admissions to ADOC each year, therefore, will receive approximately 4.25 percent of those released each year. Based on the historical release data for the same period, Montgomery will receive on the average 525 ex-offenders per year or 44 per month.

Most Lack in Education and Skills

It is reported in the ADOC Annual Reports that on the average over 50 percent of the ex-offenders released did not complete high school or earned their GED.

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